It’s been a while. Last post in January 2021, which wasn’t even a real post. Three big trips and a couple little ones between then and now. I’ve changed profession, I’m a motorcycle electrician now. That surely deserves a post. I started writing something about … Continue readingNicked

Retired – Lenore the LC4

Now retired after years of unfaithful service, Lenore’s page has been archived to the blog. I’m leaving the article below exactly as it was, but I’ll add a few words on my experience with the LC4 platform. I switched to the 701 after years of … Continue readingRetired – Lenore the LC4

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Buying a New Bike in Chile

Most Chileans I’ve spoken to so far are happy to admit that their bureaucracy is absolutely world-class, I’m happy to agree. Buying and registering our two bikes here wasn’t a terrible experience, or a particularly complex one – so don’t be afraid of doing it. … Continue readingBuying a New Bike in Chile

Hellas Rally 2018

Hellas was my first real rally; the closest I have done before was the Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness event in Spain – which was much more of an orienteering exercise than a rally.  I’m going to describe the experience from my point of view as … Continue readingHellas Rally 2018