Retired – Lenore the LC4

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Now retired after years of unfaithful service, Lenore’s page has been archived to the blog. I’m leaving the article below exactly as it was, but I’ll add a few words on my experience with the LC4 platform.

I switched to the 701 after years of riding big fat Tiger 800s, it was a revelation. The bike is fast, light, smooth and capable right out of the box. Even on my test ride there may have been a little illegal trail riding. The bike was rock solid reliable in Spain, Georgia, Greece and even through the whole Hellas Rally experience. I didn’t even have a failed clutch slave! Then came Iceland and a change of fates, the motor overheated and ever since it’s been nothing but a nightmare. It blew again after rebuild, my mistake. It blew again after that in Sardinia – a shredded bearing in the head.

From a performance point of view I have no doubts, the LC4 is the best modern trail bike you can get. But it’s too complex, it’s not reliable and at the end of the day – I just didn’t need the power. I’m happier riding the DR350 on everything except long highway sections. Thanks for the memories, Lenore, but you were never really the bike for an old plodder like me.

Lenore is a 2016 Husqvarna 701 Enduro.  She’s been heavily used, badly abused and substantially modified. So far the engine has been subject to two rebuilds, many of the plastic panels are held on with cable ties, the clutch cover is from a 690 and the radiator is patched with a large lump of two compound plastic. Fortunately I have no plans to sell her. The name, in case you’re wondering, comes from my own version of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” that one too many blows to the head inspired during Hellas 2018.

You’ll find a full list of mods below.

  • Husqvarna
    • Switchable ABS Dongle, modification by me, detailed here.
    • Handlebar map switch.
    • Radiator stone protector.
    • Side stand switch eliminator dongle.
    • Black KTM 690 Clutch Cover. (Is that a mod, or just a dodgy replacement part?)
  • Rade Garage
    • Rally fairing.
    • Auxiliary Fuel Tank with custom petcock installation, detailed here.
      • Plus modified air intake, so it doesn’t hit the seat, detailed here.
    • Rear rack.
    • Wide foot pegs.
  • Galaxy Tab Active navigation/media system, with custom built remote control.
  • F2R roadbook holder with ICO RallyMAX-G Trip computer.
  • Higher, wider seat from Alexander Ellert, Stuttgart.
  • SigguTech clutch slave cylinder.
  • Leo Vince Evo One exhaust.
  • DynoJet Power Commander 5.
  • Barkbusters handguards with aux lights.
  • Adventure Spec
    • Bashplate.
    • Engine case guards.
  • Gulgatech Fuel Filtration
    • Main and Rade tank neck filtration.
    • In-tank “Mazinga” fuel pump sock.
    • Quick connect between tank and injector removed and replaced with large filter.
  • Vanache Motorsports brake pedal.
  • Doubletake Adventure Mirrors
  • Perun Moto
    • Subframe bolts.
    • Heel guards.
  • Motion Pro rimlocks.
  • Rally Raid Products front sprocket guard.
  • Scotts steering damper with BRP vibration damping mount.
  • Dal Soggio “Ray” front fork upgrade.
  • XTrig rear preload adjuster.
  • StegPegz.
  • Luggage
    • Kreiga OS Base with 2x 18L and 1x6L (for shoes!) bags.
    • Giantloop Fandango tank bag.
    • My crappy old military backpack with a waterproof rollie bag in it.