Retired – Lenore the LC4

Now retired after years of unfaithful service, Lenore’s page has been archived to the blog. I’m leaving the article below exactly as it was, but I’ll add a few words on my experience with the LC4 platform. I switched to the 701 after years of … Continue readingRetired – Lenore the LC4

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Buying a New Bike in Chile

Most Chileans I’ve spoken to so far are happy to admit that their bureaucracy is absolutely world-class, I’m happy to agree. Buying and registering our two bikes here wasn’t a terrible experience, or a particularly complex one – so don’t be afraid of doing it. … Continue readingBuying a New Bike in Chile

Hellas Rally 2018

Hellas was my first real rally; the closest I have done before was the Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness event in Spain – which was much more of an orienteering exercise than a rally.  I’m going to describe the experience from my point of view as … Continue readingHellas Rally 2018

Mountain Madness

At the end of September 2017 I took a solo trip to France and Spain to attend the Horizons Unlimited France meeting, ride the Pyrenees and compete in the HU Mountain Madness event in the Sierras de Espana. After some currency-conversion related overspending in Georgia … Continue readingMountain Madness