Frame Tools

This is a rough list of the tools needed to work on the frame.  In conjunction with my list of engine tools it should provide a good basis to know what you need to work on the bike and what you want to take with you on a long trip. It’s not an exhaustive list, that would be too much info – and it’s specific to my bike, but hopefully gives a good idea.

General Tools
Large and small torque wrench, 8 to 100Nm.
Long 1/2″ extension bar to hammer out swingarm shaft.
Rubber mallet.

Torx 25
Exhaust heat guard
RG fairing
Torx 30
Everything, almost.
Torx 27
Quite a few things.
Torx 15
Tiny side panel screws
Torx 40
Sprocket chain guard
Additional fixing for RG fairing, my mod.
Stock handlebar clamps
Torx 45
Engine hanger top bolts
One side of swingarm bolt
Rear sprocket
Various things
Stock handlebar to triple clamp bolts top

Allen 4
Rade rack extension plate
Brp bracket near key
Allen 5
Rade rack
Scotts damper
Allen 6
New brp bar clamps
Allen 8
Front and lower rear engine bolts.
Allen 15
Rotor access cover

Socket 6
Air intake jubilee clips
Socket 7
Other custom jubilee clips
Socket 8
Various fairing nuts
Top radiator bolt, no Torx possible.
Socket 10
Any T30 bolt but very good for spark plug holder front bolt, access through brake lines
BRP sub mount rubbers
Socket 13
Engine hanger through bolt
Rear too
Exhaust manifold.
Socket 14
Chain breaker
Socket 17
In combination with wrench 17 for BRP submouunt
Socket 19
Swingarm Bolt
Socket 27
Front wheel
Upper subframe mount
Socket 32
Rear wheel

Wrench 10
Chain adjustment
Wrench 13

Exhaust manifold.
Chain adjustment
Rear Sprocket
Wrench 17
Bar clamp to triple clamp stock bottom
New BRP bolt for same