Engine Tools

As I rebuilt my engine I made a note of all of the “normal” tools and materials I needed to put it back together.  In addition to these tools I needed some special tools, which are listed in more detail back in the main article but can be found here as well.

Most screws on KTM engines are both socket and torx, often 8mm socket and torx 30.  I prefer torx, so I have listed more bolts by their torx size.  What’s listed as needing a socket actually requires a socket.  If it’s under Torx you can probably use both.

I’ve not listed every use of every tool, many are used in far too many places.  The point of this article is so you can have all the tools you need to hand if you are planning to disassemble your engine. If you make use of this list and find something missing – please let me know.

Special Tools
KTM Case Splitter – 75029048100
150mm Three Arm Claw Extractor
33mm Flywheel Extractor
KTM Gear Segment – 75029081000

General Tools
Torque Wrenches from 4 to 100Nm / Impact Wrench
The smaller one is incredibly important, these cases are brittle and will strip threads very easily with hand torque.  The big one is essential for the big nuts inside the engine, if you’re not going into the engine it’s optional.
Heat Gun / Blow Torch
Used to heat the case to free and insert bearings and to install timing sprocket on main shaft; see main how-to guide.
Leather Gloves
For handling hot things, like the timing chain sprocket.
Rubber Mallet
Tap cases together.
Tap water pump cover on.
Install engine and swingarm bolts.
Metal Hammer
Installing bearings and seals.
Medium Circlip Pliers
Oil pump end of main shaft.
Both starter drive gears.
Timing sprocket retaining clip.
You might get away with something else, but good luck to you.
Needle Nose Pliers
Install circlips on oil pumps.
Small Screwdriver
Release circlips on oil pumps.
Feeler Gauge
Valves and timing sensor.

Specific Bits / Tool Sizes
Torx 25
Quite a lot of things, including…
Replacement oil pump and return line cover screws.
Bearing retaining screws.
Torx 30
Loads of things, including…
Upper oil pump cover, lower bolts.
All case bolts.
Water pump impeller bolt.
Starter mount bolts.
Torx 40
TDC hole plug.
7mm Socket
Jubilee clips
8mm Socket
Oil jet install.
Ignition pulse sensor.
10mm Socket
Coolant drain plug.
Valve cover.
12 Socket
Oil screens.
13 Socket
End of crank, required to hold it in place for rotor nut removal.
Sump plug.
14 Socket
Head Bolts
25 Socket
Timing chain tensioner cover.
27 Socket
Primary gear.
Rotor nut.
30 Socket
Clutch nut.
Allen 3
Oil pump cover screws. (Replaced)
Oil return line cover screws. (Replaced)
Allen 4
Gear position sensor screws, replaced mine with with Torx.
Allen 5
Gear star.
Timing chain tensioner cover screw.
Rocker shafts.
Allen 15
Rotor cover “porthole”.
13mm Wrench
Manifold bolts.
19mm Wrench
Temp sensor in head. You’d need a very very long socket to reach it and torque it properly.
Cross Head Screwdriver
Fuel injector.

Loctite Blue
Liquid Gasket
Lots of Oil
Copper Paste