Italy 2022 Prologue 1

TET Italy – It Ain’t Half Hot Mum Edition – Day 1

Total Distance – 49km. Final Destination – Home.

Well. Yeah. That went well. I may have mentioned once that I’m Scottish. Let’s just keep that in mind while I keep tell this tale of woe. Anyway. Last year, Romania, all that, a two month trip completed with no technical issues whatsoever. This year circumstance – building myself a tiny house – means I’m splitting the trip in two. A quick jaunt to run the current TET Italy this week, then a proper two month journey later in the year.

It’s bloody hot. I’m not good with heat. But in the optimistic hope that the heat reduces with increasing altitude I thought I’d go for it. I did go for it. Until my chain snapped at 120 on the motorway. Which isn’t a very fun experience. A little coasting, a little shoving and here I am in the shade of a agricultural trailer cursing myself for not putting the new chain I have in my toolbox at work on the bike. Which I, being Scottish, decided to save for the next sprocket set. Idiot. But thankful that I’ve both got an ADAC membership and a kit to repair broken chains in my tool box.

Which doesn’t actually reach over the broken part of the chain. Even with the slack adjusted all the way in. So here I am, 49km into my trip waiting for ADAC to come and take me the 25km to work. To the motorcycle workshop where this cheapass Scottish divvy has a perfectly good 520 chain that he should have installed at the same time as the sprocket set.


Let’s try this again tomorrow… on the plus side I have beer.