Poe the DR350

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Poe the DR350
Forks Lighting Shock Seat Luggage Fuel Tank Oil Cooler Carb Electrical GPS Tankbag Footpegs Safety Circuits


Marzocchi Magnum 45 forks from a Husky TE610. Simple, robust, right-way up forks with shockingly good performance in the rough stuff.


LED lighting all round, with huge rear lights and DRLs on the barkbusters to ensure everyone can see me.


Wilber's 641 Competition shock, all nicely sprung and set up for a comfortable off-road ride.


Seat Concepts High seat kit, because my ass deserves the very best and knee angle makes a huge difference to comfort for me.


In the panniers there's space for tools, spares, shoes, hammock and clothes. The box on top starts empty, giving space for things I don't want squashed.

Fuel Tank

Designed for the XR650L and fitted with custom made brackets the tank holds 22L of fuel, giving around 600km of range.

Oil Cooler

Original Suzuki part, it ups oil capacity by about 500ml and keeps things nice and cool.


Mikuni TM36 pumper carb, because we had one laying around the workshop. With it the motor really pops, rather than just plodding along.


The original wiring loom was looked like Edward Scissorhands had been at it, so I built a completely new, minimalist, loom with a simple LCD dash.


I've tried tablets, expensive Garmins, phones and this little 75 quid GPSMAP64s is the best yet.


The hub of all things electronic, my beloved Nikon camera and hard wired USB charging points live and load in here.


Removal of the rubber bushings gives better feel and the Pivot Pegs help with both seated knee angle and getting MX boots under the shifter.

Safety Circuits

In the name of extreme reliability all safety circuits have been bypassed and the side stand converted to self retracting.